VIDEO: ‘Tiny Doll’ looking to make MMA return

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Rika “Tiny Doll” Ishige says she will have no problem meeting an old friend when she makes her return to MMA

The 31-year-old Thai star is looking to make her return to mixed martial arts action when ONE Championship’s 2020 calendar of events resumes.

She wants to climb the ranks of the women's atomweight division and believes a match-up with Indonesian contender Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol would make for an entertaining clash.

“The first time we met, [Lumban Gaol] came to me and said hello. She was really nice and kind. We got along so quickly. After that, whenever we see each other at ONE events, we always have a chat,” Ishige says.

“Even though we are friends, it doesn’t mean that we can’t fight in the ring. I can separate between friendship and competition, and there isn’t any pressure for me. We are athletes and this is our job. I think it would be a fun and great fight, and a challenge both of us.”

Lumban Gaol is on the same page, previously mentioning that she is open to going face-to-face with 'Tiny Doll' if given the opportunity.

If the two were to met in the octagon, the clash would not disappoint fans.

Ishige is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt armed with a judo and aikido background, and she has been tightening up her striking prowess and rounding out her overall game in recent years.

While Lumban Gaol has rapidly improved in the grappling department, “Tiny Doll” believes she could exploit this area and earn a submission victory.

“Priscilla has more experience in competition than me, especially in striking,” Ishige confesses.

“She is a strong striker, and she keeps developing her ground game more and more. I still believe that I have a better ground game than her, and I think I can find the solution to take her down and submit her.”