New Zealand champ crowned at Razor's Edge

AJ Foster is the AMTA New Zealand Youth Light Welterweight (62kg) Champion

At the Razor's Edge B, C, and youth class day show, the nine-fight card culminated with a New Zealand youth title fight, in which AJ "Short Fuse" Foster defeated Lfah "Simba" Treggo for the Aotearoa Muay Thai Association Light Welterweight NZ Youth title.

It was a competitive, technical fight over five rounds of two minutes, in which Foster put money in the bank early with heavy leg kicks set up by punch combinations. The technique showed by both fighters was impressive.

The fight was at 62kg, with both boys wearing padded shins and 10oz gloves, with no knees or elbows to the head allowed.

"Simba" Treggo fought like a lion, keeping the pressure on and seemingly unaffected by the outside leg kicks of Foster, who used crisp boxing and feints to set them up. When the distance closed, mostly it was Foster who took the advantage, slamming his opponent to the canvas several times.

After five rounds it went to the judges and a new AMTA New Zealand youth champion was crowned: AJ Foster. Both of these young men are a credit to their trainers and are the future of New Zealand kickboxing. Watch the fight here.

The rest of the fight results are given below, with the links to video in the rule-set descriptions:

Avery Gordon def. Cyrus Carroll via split decision.

72kg 3x2min 14oz, C Class, No elbows or knees to head

MTC's Avery Gordon withstood the storm of Cyrus Carroll, using a tight defense and employing his kick and clinch game in a hotly-contested bout. Both traded knees in the clinch and it was Carroll who largely pressed the action, but Gordon's defensive ringcraft saw him avoid most damage, landing his own hard kicks from southpaw stance and taking the win.

Karuwai "Taniwha" Taha def. Mary Jane George via unanimous decision

55kg 3x2min 4-14yo, Fully padded, no head strikes

This was a battle of pitbull versus snake, as the aggressive George blitzed with punches to close distance on her much taller opponent, entering the clinch and slamming her to the canvas many times.

Taha fought from the outside, with teeps and body kicks scoring points and earning her the win.

Felicity Snowdon def. Holly Crawford via unanimous decision

65kg 3x2min 16oz padded, Youth, No knees or elbows to head

The best fight performance went to Felicity Snowdon as she displayed her timing and aggression to shut down Holly Crawford over three rounds. From the outset, Snowdon took the fight to her opponent.

Once Crawford had felt the punches and kicks landing, she became more cautious, while Snowdon turned up the pressure, winning the exchanges with volume strikes and taking a clear decision victory.

Aly Barnhart def. Levi "Banshee" Bennetts via unanimous decision

72kg 3x2min C Class 14oz, No knees, elbows, or backfists to head

Both scrappy lasses, they traded knees in the clinch and kicks from the outside. A competitive match, but Barnhart's conditioning and reach advantage were put to good effect, keeping the pressure on Bennetts over all three rounds to take a clear decision win.

Caleb Brash def. Zane Nuttall via split decision

72kg 3x2min 10oz, padded shins, Youth, no elbows to head

Caleb Brash and Zane Nuttall both put on a gritty performance in a three-round war. The southpaw Brash took the lead early, staring down Nuttall with shark eyes as he set up power kicks.

Nuttall found his range later in the fight, landing a liver shot which saw Brash grimace in pain but not flinch. The early work done by Brash was enough to win him the fight on two of the three judges' cards.

Shai Levin def. Abe Young via unanimous decision

90kg 3x2min 10oz, elbow pads, B Class

Shai Levin showed his full skill-set as he took apart tough brawler Abe Young over three rounds of action. Young came to fight, with heavy hands and forward pressure, but Levin managed to avoid most damage, scoring in return with heavy body kicks and stabbing elbows in the clinch. This culminated in the third round, as Levin scored a pair of knockdowns on a tiring Young. The fight went the distance, but a decisive victory for Levin.

Soul "Soul Train" Heke def. Brayden "Bomber" Carroll via unanimous decision

53kg 3x1.5min 10oz, 4-14yo padded, no head strikes

"Soul Train" implemented an effective game plan to defeat Carroll over three rounds. Carroll clearly wanted to throw head strikes, the hesitation giving Heke the opportunity to unload his offense. Carroll threw kicks with great technique, but the shorter Heke repeatedly caught them and dumped him to the canvas, building up a points lead. An impressive win for the 11-year-old.

Japhia Stuart def. Justin Howland via unanimous decision

77kg 3x2min 16oz Youth, no elbows or knees to head

MTC's Stuart showed patience and accuracy as he defeated Justin Howland over three rounds. Howland was aggressive, setting up his knees and kicks with punch combinations but leaving his hands low afterwards. Stuart took full advantage of this, finding a home for a heavy right hand which staggered his opponent several times.