Adesanya issues apology over ‘rape’ comment

Israel Adesanya. Photo: Youtube.

UFC fighter Israel Adesanya has taken to social media to apologise for his comments that he would 'rape' and opponent.

In a statement on his Twitter account, Adesanya says he crossed the line.

"Last weekend, fight talk escalated to a point in which I crossed the line," he says in his tweet.

"I understand the gravity of this word and how it can affect and hurt other people apart from my opponent, although that was never my intention.

"I am still growing under the spotlight, and I take this as a lesson to be more selective with words under pressure."

Adesanya made the comments in response to trash talking by another fighter, Kevin Holland, who made comments of a sexual nature about another opponent.

Following the comments, New Zealand's Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson criticised the fighter.

Robertson says there is never a time to make flippant comments about rape.

"That's just not something anybody should do. I'm sure Israel understands that," reports RNZ.