Pyers brutalises Murdoch‘s leg to take NZ title at Razor’s Edge

John Pyers with his new belt following his victory last night (supplied photo).

John Pyers (Maui Muay Thai) smashed the lead leg of Shem Murdoch (Dunedin Kickboxing) in the main event of Razor's Edge yesterday, April 10, to win the AMTA A-Class 72.6kg New Zealand title.

The fight was a rematch, with the two meeting first in December 2018 at Vendetta, with Pyers taking the first fight by split decision.

In yesterday's fight, Pyers established the outside leg kick early, reddening the thigh of Murdoch and sliding backwards out of the way of his counter-punches. The third round was perhaps Murdoch's best, being much more active and mixing up his punches and kicks.

However, by the fourth round, the leg kicks had taken their toll, with Murdoch's leg red like hamburger meat. A hard leg kick hurt Murdoch mid-round, causing him to switch to southpaw. Another kick to the same leg saw him crumple to the canvas in obvious pain for an 8-count.

The toughness of Murdoch cannot be overstated, as he was clearly in agony between rounds, but had no quit in him, fighting through to the bitter end despite a nasty groin shot sustained in round 5.

When the fight ended there was no doubt of the winner. John Pyers picks up another title over a very tough competitor, setting the stage for bigger challenges in his future.

The full results of the Razor's Edge fight card are below:

1. Charlie Lazarus def Felicity Cullen - unanimous decision

2. Benoist Bernard def. Kevin Diaz - unanimous decision

3. Zane Betschart def. Zane McLaren - split decision

4. Shawn McQuaide def. James Marshall - unanimous decision

5. Levi Bennetts def. Keila Coopman - unanimous decision

6. Avery Gordon def. Dominic Shaw - TKO round 1 (overhand right)

7. Tamsyn def. Ashleigh Fata - Referee stoppage, round 2

8. Jay Scott Morris def. Todd Mitchell - unanimous decision

9. Alicia Moir def. Louise Holman - unanimous decision

10. Izzy Atkinson def. Macca Jean - unanimous split knockout

11. Aukje van Aayst def. Maddy Denton - unanimous decision

12. Japhia Stuart def. Zane Nuttall - split decision

13. Maika Mahoni vs Andrew Gai - majority draw

14. Sam McCall def. Piri Joseph - unanimous decision

15. Sage Reddit def. Scott MacGregor - unanimous decision

16. Jesse Grindrod def. Heremaia Te Koho Marks - unanimous decision

17. John Pyers def. Shem Murdoch - unanimous decision

The event is available for replay here on the Fight News website. Follow this link to access the replay.