Peace Through MMA Youth Programme launches internationally

Photo: IMMAF.

The IMMAF is to launching its Peace Through MMA Youth Programme internationally during its 2021 Technical Seminar Week, with member seminar, Organising an IMMAF Youth MMA Programme – A Roadmap to Funding and Support.

The session will be led by Danny Corr of IMMAF’s Peace Through MMA and Coaching Commissions.

Corr is acclaimed for his Fight to Unite youth project in Northern Ireland, a region that has seen many social and economic problems as a result of past conflict.

Working with youths from all over the North of Ireland, often renowned for political division, the project boasts a hugely successful track record in providing tuition for nationally recognised Maths, English and Coaching qualifications alongside personal development for young MMA practitioners. 

Research has demonstrated the project’s ability to change how culturally divided youths perceive one another and has seen MMA based coaching courses enter A-level classrooms and create jobs in both coaching and youth sectors.

The acclaimed work has received governmental support, as well as support from Laureus Support for Sport and Fight for Peace.

Since then, in partnership with Denis Rowan, best known as an expert in International Conflict Resolution through his extensive work in the Northern Ireland Peace and Political Process, Corr has been developing a cross-border “Sport for Peace” project with counterpart federation in the Republic of Ireland, the Irish Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association (IMMAA).

The project will be based in Drogheda with backing from the Louth & Meath Education and Training Board.

Impressively, Fight to Unite has managed to continue its training of youths via video tutorial throughout pandemic lockdowns, and to advance coaching placements abroad for young people who have now completed their qualifications through the programme in collaboration with global partner LLS Online.

It is through IMMAF’s Peace Through MMA Commission that Corr (as Chairman) is launching a consultancy and support programme which offers his successful blueprint to other National Federations.

The roll-out forms part of IMMAF’s commitment to harnessing sport to mitigate violence and engender peace worldwide.

IMMAF’s launch event for members at Technical Seminar Week, Organising an IMMAF Youth MMA Programme – A Roadmap to Funding and Support, will outline to National Federations how they can access IMMAF’s global Peace Through MMA Youth Programme to develop similar programmes in their countries.

“The support this project has received from global funders has proven that the benefits of MMA when combined with a focused programme can be invaluable, especially during the tough times we have all faced during the pandemic. I’m honoured to be able to share this successful roadmap with the IMMAF family,” says Corr.

IMMAF 2021 Technical Seminar Week runs from 19 – 23 April online.

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