Horrocks to prepare for next Apex fight

Rob Horrocks and his Fight Science team-mates after his bout at Apex MTW2 on May 1 (photo: J Butler)

After defeating Yassin Yass at Apex Muay Thai on Saturday night, Rob Horrocks is now setting his sights on his next opponent, Travis Schwitzer.

The Fight Science NZ head coach and general manager at Industrial Fitness Gym will be competing at the Apex Muay Thai Warrior Series 64kg final on September 4.

Horrocks recently made himself a household name with a stunning performance at King in the Ring on March 27, stopping Jon Anderson and Yuri Mamic before winning a decision against Kayne Conlan in the final.

Last Saturday, May 1, Horrocks defeated Yassin Yass to advance to the final of the Apex Muay Thai Warrior Series 64kg division. He will face Travis Schwitzer in the final bout on September 4. The event is available for replay on Fight News.

Rob says he's looking forward to his fight with Schwitzer,  with the winner becoming the first APEX Muay Thai Warrior Series Champion.

See more of what Rob has to say about his May 1 fight and what is coming up for the Muay Thai fighter below.

How are you feeling following the fight? 

I'm really happy that I got the win and people enjoyed the fight. We both fought well, the fight went the distance and I out-skilled Yass. 

Stepping into the ring, what was going through your mind? 

Not a lot to be honest, I was focused on enjoying the moment. I knew my game plan and what I was going to do so the thoughts I was having was mostly just stuff like ‘I'm too fast, my defense is too good, I'm too strong’ and all that carry on haha. 

Was there any point during the match that you knew you had won? If so, what was it? 

I felt confident and in control the whole time, he was fighting well and landing some good stuff but what I was doing was working so I knew I just had to stick with it and not make any bad mistakes. Yass was really sharp and he made some adjustments after the first round but I was able to adapt and stick to my game. 

How would you describe your opponent? What was it like to fight him? 

Yass is sharp and has a unique style, it was really fun to fight against him. I knew him and his team would have a good game plan too so I had to try and stay aware of any traps I could be walking into.

How did you prepare for the fight in the week leading up to it? 

In the week leading up to the fight I kept my training specific, focused on my mental performance and rested.

What is next for you?

My next fight will be the Apex Muay Thai Warrior Series 64kg final, September 4. I’m really looking forward to this one, I will fight Travis Schwitzer and the winner will become the first APEX Muay Thai Warrior Series Champion.

Saturday was my 8th fight in 10 months so I’m going to take the time in between these fights to recover and improve.

And if there is anything else you would like to add, please feel free:

A big thank you to Greg Nesbit and the Urban Sport Gym team for putting on another top show and giving us all a great platform to perform on.

Thank you to Yass my opponent for motivating me to stay dedicated to my training.