Tumatauenga arisen in Gisborne

Te Ihi A Tu translates to "the rising of the God of War" and took place last Saturday, May 15 in Gisborne.

The event, promoted by Rangataua O Aotearoa (ROA) featured two Apex 80kg fighters in the main event, along with three separate tag-team bouts, and a host of undercard fights.

The main event saw ROA Gisborne's Sam Parkes grind out a close decision against the Combat Academy's Nate Law, in a fight that could have gone either way. Law appeared to have injured his foot and the fight is described as being something of a stalemate.

The tag team battles were described by one trainer as "out the gate", with the men's tag team ending in a stoppage victory to the ROA Gisborne home team, which was described as the highlight of the night.

The full results of the event are given below:

Keona Parr def. Genevieve & Aronui via decision

Nepia McLean def. Jacob Rennie via decision

Ta Kaihou Brock & Hazealea Edwards def. Tapaki Rangihau via decision

Wyllie Hiko def. Dreyde Douglas via decision

Tamatoanui Kinghazel def. Te Uemairangi Lemon via decision

Kallen Edwards def. Jack Hancock via decision

Thomas McIntosh def. Sativa Cunningham via decision

Rahera Ngawharau def. Oriwia Spooner via decision

Alec Coutts def. Kiwa Haig via decision

TAG TEAM: Summah Smith, Tamala Herewini, & Gloria Tellez def. Alyssha Maynard-Wilson, Materoa Poi, & Simone Poi via decision

Harrison Campbell def. Creed Norman via decision

Nick Low def. Kelvin Jones via decision

Lola Ferber def. Katherine Kinvig via decision

TAG TEAM: Tawhao Stewart, Moana Nuku, & BJ Sydney def. Alijah Ngawharau, Alex Kawhiti, & Andre Nicholson via TKO

Hori Whakatope def. Freddy Mainini via TKO

Piripi Abraham def. Curtis Lawson via decision

Bradyn Wallace def. Matt Herries via decision

TAG TEAM: Tania Hill & Maiangi Mackey def. Kim King & Karmen Mexted via decision

Sam Parkes def. Nathaniel Law via decision

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