Countdown to Apex Muay Thai grand final

Rob Horrocks and his Fight Science team-mates after his bout at Apex MTW2 on May 1 (photo: J Butler)

The countdown is on to the grand final of the 64kg Apex Muay Thai Warrior League on September 4.

The best fighter will be rewarded ($9000 total purse for the winner and $5000 total purse for the second placed fighter).

"We are also excited to start the journey on the 62kg Muay Thai Warrior League that night," a post on the Muay Thai NZ Forums Facebook page reads.

After defeating Yassin Yass at Apex Muay Thai back in May, Rob Horrocks is now setting his sights on his next opponent, Travis Schwitzer.

The Fight Science NZ head coach and general manager at Industrial Fitness Gym will be competing at the Apex Muay Thai Warrior Series 64kg final on September 4.

Horrocks recently made himself a household name with a stunning performance at King in the Ring on March 27, stopping Jon Anderson and Yuri Mamic before winning a decision against Kayne Conlan in the final.

On Saturday, May 1, Horrocks defeated Yassin Yass to advance to the final of the Apex Muay Thai Warrior Series 64kg division.

He will face Travis Schwitzer in the final bout on September 4. The event is available for replay on Fight News.

Rob says he's looking forward to his fight with Schwitzer,  with the winner becoming the first APEX Muay Thai Warrior Series Champion.