New WKN kickboxing world champions crowned at BFS 2

Photo: WKN.

Christian Berthely and Hakim Ketaieb have become the new WKN kickboxing world champions at BFS 2 in Nimes, France.

World Championship Kickboxing returned to France with the second edition of Boxing Fighters System (BFS 2) held at Salle Pablo Neruda in Nimes, France on Saturday, December 4.

The event featured some of the best representatives of the country-host facing off international opponents in a series of WKN title bouts.

In the main event, Christian Berthely became a new World Kickboxing Network super welterweight champion by unanimous decision against two-time world title challenger Giorgi Kankava of Georgia.

In the co-main event Hakim Ketaieb secured WKN World super lightweight title taking a unanimous decision against European champion Antonio Campoy of Spain.

Also on the night Tarik Benhamed came out on top taking WKN super middleweight Grand Prix defeating Luca Carnevali and Alessio Zeloni of Italy in semi-final and final respectively, and European champion Bryan Lang defeated Mehdi Jraifi after three rounds in a non-title 63.5 kg catchweight international bout. The full fight results can be found below.

Boxing Fighters System 2 was presented by former world champions Habib Bakir and Olivier Cerdan. Referee on the night was Rafael Girardi. WKN championship supervisor was Osman Yigin.

Boxing Fighters System 2 results

WKN World super welterweight title, kickboxing Christian Berthely (France) def. Giorgi Kankava (Georgia) by unanimous decision WKN World super lightweight title, oriental rules Hakim Ketaieb (France) def. Antonio Campoy (Spain) by unanimous decision WKN super middleweight Grand Prix, oriental rules Semi-final: Tarik Benhamed (France) def. Luca Carnevali (Italy) by unanimous decision Semi-final: Alessio Zeloni (Italy) def. Raimonds Aukstikalnis (Latvia) by unanimous decision Final: Tarik Benhamed (France) def. Alessio Zeloni (Italy) by unanimous decision WKN International bout, 63.5 kg, oriental rules Bryan Lang (France) def. Mehdi Jraifi (Spain) by unanimous decision Undercard

Clement Adrover def. Paolo Cannito by unanimous decision Luc Genieys def. Sofiane Meddar by unanimous decision Dawson Delys def. Mamedy Camara by unanimous decision Ridah Mezaguia def. Mounir Mrah by unanimous decision Simon Gaillard def. Dylan Antoine by unanimous decision